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Michael Self is a 1965 graduate of Howe HS in Indianapolis, IN and was a varsity wrestler. He attended Indiana State University for 2 years and then went into 6 months of intensive computer programming training. In 1968 he was drafted by the Army and scored highest in his base unit intel tests and he was ordered to work at the Pentagon. From the Pentagon he went to Kaiserslautern, Germany and performed computer programming for the DOD.

He has been a strong advocate for health and wellness all of his adult life and loves to share his extensive wellness knowledge with people.  Mike can be called anytime by dialing (317) 295-1352.

For those who haven’t looked at alternative health options you might think the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is competent and looks out for us.  The FDA states that “only a drug can claim to prevent, treat or cure a disease”.   Wrong!!!  When sailors in the 1500’s – 1700’s crossed the Atlantic to get to “the New World” they would get scurvy (a disease).  They found out that this was from a lack of vitamin C and that’s where British sailors got their name “Limies” from, taking limes on voyages to prevent scurvy.  Are limes drugs???

Medical Disclaimer:

This information is intended for general information purposes only.  Individuals should always see their health care provider before starting on any alternative options we provide.


Today’s topic 12-01-16: Oxygen

The importance of oxygen in your body needs to be stressed.  Cancer doesn’t seem to grow when your body is highly oxygenated. Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) has proven to be a tremendous aid in fighting cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and a host of maladies. Ways you can add oxygen to your blood stream include: deep breathing, aerobic exercises, drinking ozone water, walking, jogging and swimming laps.

There are many sources of extra oxygen for the body.  Deep breathing helps relax the body and mind. Most Americans breath 15-25 times a minute (fast and very shallow).  Deep breathing provides much more oxygen.  Lay down and place a book around navel area. As you start to inhale through the nose the book should raise. Breathing should start by filling up the lower part of the lungs first. Shallow breathing never renews the air in the lower lungs so you don’t get the full amount of oxygen into your lungs.

If you practice this as much as possible you will eventually breath more deeply automatically. You can practice this while doing anything but I speak from personal experience that it is easy to start thinking about something else very quickly and forget about DB. Your heart rate will go down and up while taking a single breath because when the lung is in the full stage of each breath the heart is getting more oxygen.  More sources of oxygen increase in the next issue.

Now for the perfect exercise for strength and health using the mini-rebounder (like a trampoline but round and 38-40″ in diameter). Just bobbing up and down not even leaving the rebounder is called the “health bounce”.  This gentle exercise improves blood circulation dramatically and reduces blood pressure.  It also increases lymph flow 10-50 fold.

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Today’s topic 01-20-17: Enzymes = Life

Click on Enzymes = Life article found in ‘Lessons from the Miracle Doctors’ to learn more about these proteins and the amazing story of how proper knowledge of them can result in a longer, healthier and more vital life.

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