Emp Articles

Newsmax article 1/9/16: North Korea’s H-Bomb EMP Threat to US

Apocalyptic Iran – EMPS’s over America! 6/23/15

The EMP Threat: House Oversight Committee Video 5/13/15

Family Security Matters 5/9/215: Gingrich – Dr Pry The Threat to Melt the Electric Grid

Washington Examiner article 3/9/15: Iran Endorses Nuclear EMP Attack on United States

Newsmax article 2/1/15: Top Experts Say Iran Has Nuclear Missiles

We Are on Notice: Terrorist Target Grids 1/27/15 article by Frank Gaffney

Washington Free Beacon 12/12/14  DHS: 100 Million Americans Could Lose Power in Major Sun Storm

Family Security Matters 11/18/14 Blackout War: A Revolution in Military Affairs

The Blaze 10/21/14 Article On New Federal Reliability Standards 

Investors Business Daily 10/03/14 Article with Ambassador Hank Cooper on Countering EMP Threat

WND Article 8/31/14 Dr. Pry Imminent ISIS Threat to US Power Grid

Western Journalism ISIS Could Cripple America With Devastating Attack on Electric Grid

Washington Post 8/9/14 Extreme Space Weather Threatens to Leave US in the Dark

NASA: Near Miss Solar Storm of 2012

Forbes 7/31/14 Failure to protect US against EMP threat could make 9/11 look trivial someday  

WIBC Radio Garrison Show EMP Weekly Update 7/7/14

Russian Hackers Threaten Power Companies 7/1/14

Watchdog.org Article 6/24/14 Congress wants more answers on EMP threat

Conservative Commandos Radio Show 6/23/14  segment featuring War College Professor Cynthia Ayers 

Dr. Pry Israel National News Article 6/22/14 Terrorists Blackout Yemen

WIBC Radio Garrison Show EMP Weekly Update 6/18/14

The Blaze Article 6/16/14 Attack on Nogales AZ power station

WIBC Radio Garrison Show EMP Weekly Update 6/11/14

Conservative Commandos Radio Show 2/24/14  segment featuring Dr. Pry stating Iran has the bomb

Dr. Pry American Thinker Article 2/20/14 Iran Has The Bomb

Conservative Commandos Radio Show 2/17/14  segment featuring Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy

Jon Wellinghoff former FERC Chairman speaks on C-SPAN about last April’s terrorist attack on the grid

The Blaze 2/12/14 Former FERC Chairman Says Most Significant Terror Attack On Electrical Grid Ever

Dr. Pry Washington Times Article 2/6/14 Was Attack On San Jose Power Substation Terrorism?

Wall Street Journal 2/5/14 Assault on Power Grid Raises Alarms

Conservative Commandos Radio Show 1/27/14  segment featuring Ambassador Hank Cooper CEO of High Frontier

Conservative Commandos Radio Show 1/13/14  segment featuring Andrea Boland author of EMP legislation in Maine  

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