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We would like to submit the real story behind our state’s nickname “Hoosier”.  There are a number of theories from when the early settlers asked “who’s there” to bar fights on the frontier when they would look to see “who’s ear” had been mauled.

The real story is one of courage and honor and the fame of one – Harry Hoosier.  A black preacher from the Great Awakening Era who fought slavery and injustice.

Booker T. Washington said Harry, “was the first black American Methodist preacher in the United States..  He traveled extensively through the New England and Southern States and shared the pulpits of the white ministers whom he accompanied.  But he seems to have excelled them all in popularity as a preacher”.

Francis Asbury and Harry Hoosier baptized so many people that Asbury wrote in his journal that on any given day Asbury and Hoosier would baptize more people than a typical parish minister back in England would baptize during his entire ministry.

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Harry Hoosier (1750 – 1806), “I sing by faith, pray by faith, preach by faith, and do everything by faith; without faith in the Lord Jesus I can do nothing.”


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JD and Kristina travel to Philadelphia and find more information on Harry Hoosier.  Their quest leads them to historic St. George’s United Methodist Church and to several surrounding sites.

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