Hillary’s America

Documentary Film Maker Dinesh D’Souza does it again. He’s shining the bright light of TRUTH on the lies and cover ups of the Democratic Party in his new film:

Beginning with the coverage of his unjust incarceration, Dinesh lays out the case that there is another America, one that is hidden from the spotlight – an America of the Streets. While serving time at a detention center, he got to know some of the felons and hustlers that were in there with him – and what he found out about their world shined light onto the corruption in the highest corners of political office.

This film is riveting! The lies and omissions are uncovered. The parts of history that didn’t make sense make perfect sense once you understand the Secret History of the Democratic Party .

You are NOT going to want to miss this!


Official Trailer


Please support Dinesh D’Souza in getting the word out. Our very way of life and the country itself may very well be at stake. Nothing is more important than educating those who are unaware of the danger.

Dinesh and the Miniear’s at CPAC 2016


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