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JD Miniear is a licensed mortgage loan officer working in Fishers for the Crownmark Group.  He is a former health and wellness advocate who worked in the 1990’s with the President’s and National Association of Governor’s Councils on Sports and Fitness tracking Presidential Sports Awards on personal computers for organizations such as National Defense University, University of Hawaii, Kaiser Permanente and families at home.

Mr. Miniear is a member of Dr. Peter Pry’s EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy Secure the Grid team, 3 time US House of Representatives GOP Candidate IN-7th District (Indianapolis) and heads up a Super PAC containing information on electric grid protection and EMP.

The Congressional EMP Commission in 2008 noted vintage diesel locomotives (pre-microchip age 1970’s and earlier) can withstand major solar storms and high altitude EMP attacks.  Electromotive diesel engines are used to “jumper cable” electrical power into small cities in Canada in the winter time and were sent to Iraq during the Gulf War to bring power back up after our Air Force destroyed much of the Iraqi electrical power generation infrastructure.

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Weather Prediction Center pointed out in July 2012 we had a near miss of a super solar storm which would have taken us back to the 1800’s economy knocking out power generation and electric transformers across America.  They then revised their projections to state we have a 12% chance of experiencing another Carrington level super solar storm per decade.

North Korea’s deranged leader has recently told his military to proceed ASAP in launching satellites as they continue to test ballistic missiles. North Korea and Iran work as partners and have a treaty calling for each nation to mutually share nuclear weapons technology. Currently North Korea and Iran orbit satellites over the continental United States.

If a satellite were to detonate a nuclear explosion at high altitude experts have pointed out it would take out other satellites and we may not know precisely which nation detonated the nuclear EMP blast (North Korea, Iran, Russia, China..?).

If terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda or ISIS were to obtain a nuclear tipped scud missile.  Place it on a tramp trawler and explode at high altitude off our coast they could potentially take down the entire Eastern Grid which Indiana is a part of.

The fragility of our nation’s electric grid was demonstrated in 2003 when a tree limb fell on power lines near Akron, OH cascading power outages throughout the northeast effecting 50 million people over 2 days causing 11 deaths.

The Indiana Transportation Museum houses vintage diesel locomotives which would survive any major solar storm or EMP attack and potentially they could be used to bring electric power back up to the towns of Noblesville and Fishers in the event of blackouts.

I urge these towns to consider keeping the rail line covering the 9.2 miles in question intact and look to blend rails and trails.

Florida has many elevated trails such as the Pinellas Park Trails outside Tampa Bay which allows joggers and bikers to take in greater scenic views and allows motorists to drive un-impeded below them. Why not consider elevating parts of the 9.2 miles of the trail over the tracks and run the rest on ground level side by side where possible.

According to Dr. Pry Chief of Staff for the Congressional EMP Commission hardening and having backups for our electric grid is the defense industry of the future.  States that engage in protecting their electric grids will be favorably looked at by industry and relocating families.

The Indiana Transportation Museum and the old Nickel Plate rail line now owned by the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority offer a unique backup source to the electric grid and the opportunity exists for the 3 counties represented to help lead our nation in a form of grid security recommended by a US Congressional Commission.

JD is actively pursuing measures with the current US Congress to harden our newer (micro-chip based) electromotive diesel engines so as to insure the rail roads of the future will be able to continue to run even after an EMP event.  As a matter of national and grid security it’s critical we keep our rail lines open.

In terms of a potential mass transit line from Hamilton County to downtown Indianapolis a light rail system would be expensive. However many cities in America continue to run standard gauge commuter rail traffic from their suburbs to their down towns carrying millions of people each day.  Keeping the Nickel Plate line open would allow that hope to continue in an era when government regulators and our infrastructure needs are being re-assessed by the Trump administration.

Having worked in Fishers for 13 years he believes a revived State Fair Train could potentially be better operated from 96th Street where open land exists at the east end of the airport.  In summary the opportunity for blending rails and trails in Hamilton County along the old Nickel Plate line should not be overlooked as it offers ways for the communities involved to promote the economy, grid safety, national security, fitness and leisure for the benefit of all citizens.

Federal funds may be available through Congress and DHS to help promote electric grid security.

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