The Clinton Foundation

The Democratic Party is for sale.  It didn’t used to be – but it is now.

We saw it when Bernie Sanders dropped his principles, betrayed his supporters and threw his hat in the ring for the most corrupt politician in American History.

How do we know this?  The Clintons have a track record.  A track record that Hillary has done everything she could to “Cover Up”.  Deleted emails, private servers, destroying equipment with hammers and glossing over evidence by proclaiming ignorance.  This is their playbook – and this is how they will govern the United States.

I implore you to watch the film “Clinton Cash” based on the research done in the book by Peter Schweizer- (linked below).

It is vital that we expose this scourge of corruption!  True Democrats do have principles – we may not agree with them, but they are no less legitimate than our own.  Even though we disagree on many things, I have yet to meet a Democrat that champions corruption.  In fact, most Democrats, and Bernie Sanders supporters particularly, rose up in opposition to “Crony Capitalism” and “Government Corruption” – and these are the very things that the Clintons embody.

Afterall, how do you go from “dead broke” after leaving the White House to over $150 million running a charity?  I thought they were “not for profit” organizations.

You be the judge.

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