The Project Veritas BOMBSHELL!

The mainstream media is NOT covering one of the most amazing stories of political corruption since the Watergate scandal – but it’s no surprise with a politician like Hillary Clinton.

Project Veritas blew the lid off of the corruption from the inside.  Their reporters got inside the campaign, and what they found was conspiracy to commit voter fraud.

This video is a must-see and a must-share!  We have got to get this video to go VIRAL!

(WARNING: Strong LANGUAGE – be advised.)

As if this wasn’t enough – the project has uncovered even more!

It is critical that we get this out to everyone.  We are supposed to live in a Republic where we elect our leaders by a popular vote.  This series of videos proves that the Democratic Party led by Hillary Clinton no longer respects this tradition.

Donald Trump has been harshly criticized for claiming that “the system is rigged”.  The trouble is, he may be right.

Help us get the word out:

Download and print off this sheet of mini-flyers that you can hand out to people.  Put them on windshields and wherever you can to let the people know that their Democracy is under attack.

We Must not fail to Restore our Republic!



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