Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen

Article II of our Constitution requires persons eligible to be President or Vice President of the United States must be: 35 years of age, have been 14 years a resident and a natural born citizen

Sharon Rondeau began asking the question is Senator Kamala Harris Constitutionally eligible to be our Commander in Chief over a year ago and given both of Kamala's parents had not met the 5 year residence requirement to become naturalized when she was born the answer is no.  Kamala was born with allegiances to 3 countries: USA, India and Jamaica.  

The history of the natural born citizen requirement is explored and the issue explained on the Article II Superpac website which points out the natural born citizen cases argued before the Supreme Court of the United States have relied on Vatell's Law of Nation first translated into English in 1760 which defined the term natural born citizen to require 2 citizen parents (i.e. not holding multiple allegiances at birth).

George Washington warned against our young nation getting into entangling alliances with European nations and our founding fathers didn't want a royal from Europe marrying an American, having children who could be elected President, then using the vast resources of the crown to affect policy in our Republic. Thus the citizenship requirement to be Commander in Chief is more stringent than a US Senator or member of the House of Representatives.  

Our Constitution demands only the President be a natural born citizen.  Members of Congress can be born with dual citizenships or have been naturalized.