Thomas Jefferson nickel – the price of liberty is eternal vigilence. 

 Abraham Lincoln penny – let the people know the facts and the nation will be free.

The “Trump Train” has rolled into Washington to secure America’s liberty protecting our borders, destroying ISIS, restoring prosperity and freedom to We the People by cutting taxes and slashing government regulations.

Over the election season there have been so many lies aimed at the person of Donald Trump and his endorsed conservative candidates. 

We urge our viewers to look at these facts on the economy as reported Friday 11-2-18:


  • The economy has added 4.5 million jobs since Election Day 2016.
  • America’s 3.7 percent unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969. 
  • Consumer confidence in October surged to an 18-year high.
  • Weekly jobless claims are at their lowest in more than 45 years.
  •  Last month, American workers saw their largest year-over-year pay increase in nearly a decade.
  • In our Hoosier state median income leapt to its highest level since 1999.