Mayor Pete continues to trash President Trump, Mike Pence and those who support them throwing out lines like porn President and claiming their policies on border security and the minimum wage are severly lacking in Christian virtue.

For starters Trump didn't invent family separation at the border he inherited it from previous presidents going back to Bill Clinton (see Heritage Foundation article by our friend Hans Von Spakovsky).

Thousands of adults entering our southern border illegally are not the parents of the children accompanying them. They are drug / sex traffickers getting paid by the international cartels.

We recently heard from Congressman Jody Hice GA-10 who has toured facilities in most of the 9 southern border patrol sectors.  He said AOC and Mayor Pete's depiction of condtions so bad children are drinking from toilets and are held in tiny cells are blatantly false.


He spoke with a border patrol dietician who previously was in charge of the food served in one of our Army bases and she was giving illegal immigrants nutricious food on par with the 3 meals a day she used to provide our soldiers.

On Pete Buttigieg's claim not drastically increasing the minimum wage is anti-Christian the Congressional Budget Office is on record stating increasing it to the $15 an hour level being requested by him and other Dem Presidential Candidates would lead to the loss of 1.3 million jobs.

Forbes Inc. and the Heritage Foundation forecast much worse saying it would lead to the loss of 6 - 7 million jobs citing cities such as Baltimore, Seattle and Sante Fe who have tried raising the minimum wage and suffered severe job losses.  

Mayor Pete's far left views are very similar to other ultra liberal  candidates in his party and he appears to have a chip on his shoulder concerning his homosexual lifestyle having said, "If me being gay was a choice, it was made far, far above my pay grade ... That’s the thing that I wish the Mike Pence’s of the world would understand – that if you got a problem with who I am – your problem is not with me, your quarrel sir, is with my creator."

Actually sir Trump/Pence voters of the world do understand you and we have no quarrel with the Lord. However we disagree with your implying God created you to be gay.

Recently the American Family Association printed a MIT and Harvard study stating their is no gay gene. This comports with other studies done over multiple continents where identical biological twins grow up one gay and the other straight. 

In 2018 former Dem President Jimmy Carter said he believed Jesus would approve of gay marriage but it was just his personal belief and he didn't have any scriptures to back it up.

Given Mayor Pete often quotes scripture on the campaign trail we prayerfully urge him and President Carter to consider warnings found in the New Testament 1 Corinthians 6:9, Romans 1:27, 1 Timothy 1:10 and Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 in the Old Testament on the subject.

Other policy views Mayor Pete shares with far left Dem Presidential Candidates include: seeking to abolish the Electoral College, rolling back requirements HIV infected people notify their partners, supporting Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

To gain a greater understanding of  Barack Obama many political observers looked to his Marxist father. The Washington Examiner has written an informative piece on Pete Buttigieg's father who was a professor and disciple of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci.

What politicians say and the actions they take do matter to voters.  In 2020 may we elect leaders who have a firm grasp of Biblical truths and who will rigorously apply them while defending our Constitution in service to our great nation.




Celebrating the Great Awakening Era black preacher who gave Indiana it's nickname!


By clicking on the picture above you can go to the Harry Hoosier Project website and view:

  • The Methodist church named after him located in his birthplace
  • Where he preached, worshiped and founded his own church in Philadelphia
  • Historical murals containing theories on how Indiana acquired it's Hoosier nickname
  • Churches, institutions, cemeteries and locations memorializing the great preacher   



 The Congressional EMP Commission in 2008 noted vintage diesel locomotives (pre-microchip age 1970’s and earlier) can withstand major solar storms and high altitude EMP attacks.  Electromotive diesel engines are used to “jumper cable” electrical power into small cities in Canada in the winter time and were sent to Iraq during the Gulf War to bring power back up after our Air Force destroyed much of the Iraqi electrical power generation infrastructure.

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Weather Prediction Center pointed out in July 2012 we had a near miss of a super solar storm which would have taken us back to the 1800’s economy knocking out power generation and electric transformers across America.  They then revised their projections to state we have a 12% chance of experiencing another Carrington level super solar storm per decade.

 North Korea and Iran have a treaty calling for each nation to mutually share nuclear weapons technology. Currently North Korea and Iran orbit satellites over the continental United States.

If a satellite were to detonate a nuclear explosion at high altitude experts state  it would take out other satellites and we may not know precisely which nation detonated the nuclear EMP blast (North Korea, Iran, Russia, China..?).

If a terrorist group were to obtain a nuclear tipped missile.  Place it on a tramp trawler and explode at high altitude off our coast they could potentially take down the entire Eastern Grid which includes Indiana.

The fragility of our nation’s electric grid was demonstrated in 2003 when a tree limb fell on power lines near Akron, OH cascading power outages throughout the northeast effecting 50 million people over 2 days causing 11 deaths.

The Indiana Transportation Museum houses vintage diesel locomotives which would survive any major solar storm or EMP attack and potentially they could be used to help bring electric power back up to the towns of Noblesville and Fishers.

We urge these towns to re-consider keeping the rail line covering the 9.2 miles in question intact and look into blending rails and trails.

Florida has many elevated trails such as the Pinellas Park Trails outside Tampa Bay which allows joggers and bikers to take in greater scenic views and allows motorists to drive un-impeded below them. Why not consider elevating parts of the 9.2 miles of the trail over the tracks and run the rest on ground level side by side where possible.

According to Dr. Pry Chief of Staff for the Congressional EMP Commission hardening and having backups for our electric grid is the defense industry of the future.  States that engage in protecting their electric grids will be favorably looked at by industry and relocating families.

The Indiana Transportation Museum and the old Nickel Plate rail line now owned by the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority offer a unique backup source to the electric grid and the opportunity exists for the 3 counties represented to help lead our nation in a form of grid security recommended by a US Congressional Commission.

JD Miniear who heads up the Indiana Republican Assembly is actively pursuing measures with the current US Congress to harden our newer (micro-chip based) electromotive diesel engines so as to insure the rail roads of the future will be able to continue to run after an EMP event.  As a matter of national and grid security it’s critical we keep our rail lines open.

In terms of a potential mass transit line from Hamilton County to downtown Indianapolis a light rail system would be expensive. However many cities in America continue to run standard gauge commuter rail traffic from their suburbs to their down towns carrying millions of people each day.  Keeping the Nickel Plate line open would allow that hope to continue in an era when government regulators and our infrastructure needs are being re-assessed by the Trump administration.

In summary the opportunity for blending rails and trails in Hamilton County along the old Nickel Plate line should not be overlooked as it offers ways for the communities involved to promote the economy, grid safety, national security, fitness and leisure for the benefit of all citizens.

Federal funds may be available through Congress and DHS to help promote electric grid security.